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Go out of the country Du Chun "female strong" "wife" popular overseas female is not strong is not big _41 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watching "the woman is not strong is not" entertainment news following the day Tencent "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "startling step by step" (Opera), "Nirvana in Fire" in the production of costume drama in the overseas hit and get a good reputation, "his wife is the realistic theme" 80 urban emotional drama also have to go abroad. Beginning in Malaysia hit by Du Chun starring "80" not long ago, and recently landed eight television Chinese in Taiwan, it is reported by his starring another urban inspirational emotional drama "female" will not strong day not at the end of this year in the United States, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and other countries broadcast, popular overseas. Ten to Chinese costume drama popular overseas, rich heritage and powerful charm Chinese due to the long history and culture, and now the urban emotional drama output, then show the positive moment Chinese youth spirit to the world. In the "80" is his wife, Du Chun’s "extraordinary Lu" is a got out of the hall, got into the kitchen, to afford the former town homes, the standard room warm man, righteous, unconditional love for his wife. In the "female" is not not strong day, Du Chun still plays a good husband and successful family, the family in their career and family, but found a new occupation suitable for the development of their children in the process. The two TV series with a strong production team and conscience in China once broadcast will get good ratings and reputation. This time in overseas broadcast, so that Du Chun’s overseas fans boiling endless, have left a message on micro-blog, I hope other TV drama is also a lot of travel abroad." It is reported that from the beginning of the end of October, the female is not strong days will continue to visit the United States, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, China and other overseas theaters. More and more overseas viewers will understand China through the media, and look forward to see Du Chun more exciting performance.相关的主题文章:

Yang Mi Fan Bingbing Virgo is the most sense of existence constellation (video) www.44fang.com

Yang Mi Fan Bingbing Virgo is the most sense of existence constellation? "Big power" Yang Mi’s 30 year old birthday just passed, we take this to talk about the history of the most miserable Constellation: virgo. In the long term "live Tucao" and "vindicated" in between, Virgo girls live is not easy. Virgo star is even more so, their strong in changing all the time entertainment for ten years or even twenty years, experienced praise, also suffered controversy, but today they have to adhere to can not be replaced. What is it? The appearance of the United States is only a flash in the pan, it is time to fly to make people face up to, pay attention to their truth. Yang Mi’s birthday: September 12th from Jiaoqiao girls to fashionable mom looks beautiful, long spirit, this is when the basic requirements of child in doubt, look at the pictures of Yang Mi when he was young it is not difficult to find, why she was 4 years old when the actor can join: look at this standard synophrys and big eyes, have to say to her is a beauty, so they choose what actor, Yang Mi can be selected, such as "Tang Minghuang", "king of beggars": 5 year old Yang Mi starred in "king of beggars" a big girl, Yang Mi first appeared on screen in 2004 "red family", when she played Sun Li the sister in the play, ladies dress in a stock when that made one effort, so many people impressed: the next step is to begin to participate in various TV drama shooting, Yang Mi slowly with the well-known Degree. Compared to modern drama, Yang Mi’s costume is more impressive, you also stay on her beauty in all girls full Costumes: 2004 Film "Yang Mi read" The legend of Condor Hero, was broadcast in 2009 from the "Legend of Sword and Fairy three" is Yang Michu taste the popular taste works on the 2011 broadcast of the "Palace" let Yang Mi exploded in popularity, has become the mainland after the most anticipated new generation actress popular have to face transformation, such as into the big screen, the main urban romance, had the plane model Yang Mi began to flow in the direction of the development of film actress, "the times", "love in the buff," why "foreign customers", "official" and other popular translation works (familiar not list). Two dimensional Liu Yifei Xian Qi PK Fan Ye count Liu Yifei birthday: August 25th Virgo are obsessive except "immortal", also "handsome" when Liu Yifei was not like now so gentle, pick the eye of people think she should be a weird little girl: but to her official debut at the age of 15 and when it is unveiled in "Jinfenshijia" in the face, although still as beautiful, charming but more pleasant, with a childlike sense of the girl, and Dong Jie together to become the star screen. With many years to occupy the budding actress, Liu Yifei is really one overnight explosion of red, become "actress lady" circles. So Liu Yifei in this drama, logical to become the new "eight guardians" in the "immortal sister" Wang Yuyan, this title also began to follow her, until now. At that time, a remake of the classic no small controversy, and Liu Yifei is a young rookie actor, so.相关的主题文章:

Southern Song Dynasty Buddhism furniture Wushan map in ten. lightscape

"Wushan ten map" in the Southern Song Dynasty Buddhist temple furniture Wen Shao Xiaofeng       editor Chen Guihu "Wushan ten core tip brake map" painted furniture, a total of 22 pieces, including 2 pieces, 5 pieces of bedding chair, table 2, 3, 2, 2 screen cabinet, seat 1, the Buddhist altar 1, frame 4, shows the basic characteristics of the Southern Song Dynasty temple furniture. Drawn to the bedding for example, sitting on the bed and Jingshan Abbot monk Tang Long bed is to explore the value of. The character name card Shao Xiaofeng Shao Xiaofeng, Jiangsu provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department awarded the "first Jiangsu Youth Social Science excellence", the Jiangsu provincial government "333 high-level personnel training project" the second level academic leading talent. Nanjing City Youth Artists Association and President of Jiangsu Youth Federation, Jiangsu Province Youth Artists Association vice chairman of Jiangsu Province, Xu Beihong Research Association vice president and secretary general, Jiangsu Provincial Association of Social Sciences and director of Jiangsu province China Painting Association, China artists association. Nanjing University to study the image culture researcher, Professor of Nanjing Forestry University, Ph.D., director of the center for art and Design Research Institute of art. Song Wushan Wushan ten brake system brake system is ten China imitation of bureaucratic rank and promotion system and set up the system of the official official Temple, temple Wushan, divided into ten mountains (a brake, brake) three grades, Zen monks to experience the mountains, the ten brake low after taking office, to five as the abbot of the mountain. It reflects and embodies an important stage of the development of Chinese Buddhism and its corresponding characteristics. The Southern Song Dynasty Yuhang Wushan Jingshan temple, Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple, Ningbo Jingci Temple Tiantong temple, Yu Wang temple. Ten brake brake and divided into ten College School of Zen Buddhist temple ten Rizal, Hangzhou Tianzhu temple is ten Buddhist temple, Huzhou temple, Wenzhou Jiangxin temple, Jinhua Shuanglin temple, Ningbo temple, Taizhou Xuedou Guoqing temple, Fuzhou Temple Xuefeng Jiankang Linggu Temple, Wanshou temple, Suzhou Huqiu Temple of Suzhou. In the Song Dynasty temple management government, Wushan ten brake is one of the highest level, the degree of intervention, the strongest of the temple. But the Wushan ten brake more is based on the relation between the temple and the royal family, but not completely according to the temple on the door of the Pope’s position and influence, it reflects the Song Dynasty regime of intervention in the internal affairs of buddhism. With the study of song Wushan ten brake system can see Mr. Liu Changdong published in the "research" in 2004 second the Song Dynasty religion "Wushan ten Buddhist temple system theory". In the rich content of "Wushan ten brake map", involved in Ling’an (now Zhejiang Hangzhou) as the center of the Buddhist temple in many aspects of life, is an important map of the Southern Song Dynasty temple architecture, environment, interior and furniture. It provides support for the cultural exchange between China and Japan, Japan as a system model, absorption and grafting Chinese culture, thus forming a "Wushan culture in japan". For example, Jingshan temple is the first five, is a Japanese monk studying base. Jingshan no quasi normal had received a monk on monk apprentice seven people, including round Seoul round, they argue, Shen Zirong heart law statue and so on, these people after returning to become the founder of temples in japan. On the other hand, Jingshan monks in Japan preachers are many, such as Wu Puning, um Zu yuan and no monks, and respect by the Japanese Buddhist circles welcome. Number相关的主题文章: